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3rd CAMBADA Workshop


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Date 2011/12/14
Time 14h00
Location Anf. IEETA, University of Aveiro
Country Portugal


14h30 António Neves, An overview of CAMBADA project

14h45 José Luis Azevedo, Hardware considerations

15h00 Ricardo Dias, Autonomous calibration for the kicking device of a soccer robot

15h30 Bernardo Cunha, Virtual Sonar Based Obstacle Avoidance in CAMBADA

15h15 João Silva, Frontal camera ball detection

16h00 João Cunha, Reinforcement Learning in the CAMBADA team

16h15 Nuno Lau, New setplays methodology for CAMBADA

16h30 Pedro Fonseca, Control methodologies in the CAMBADA robots

16h30 Coffe-break

17h15 Eurico Pedrosa, Introduction to ROS -- CAMBADA@Home use case

17h30 Nuno Almeida, CAMBADA@Home - spoken dialog interface

17h45 Paulo Dias, 3D Reconstruction, Laser to laser calibration for AtlasCar and other things

18h00 Sérgio I. Lopes, Sistema de localização acústica 3D para ambientes indoor

18h15 Edgar Domingues, “Portuguese Team” - a humanoid soccer team

18h30 Aneesh Chauhan, Grounding vocabulary in embodied agents using Human-Robot Interaction

18h45 Fernando Costa, Korange - From idea to implementation