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ATRI, TEKEVER and Army Protocol signed


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2011/11/02: ATRI, Tekever and Portuguese Army Protocol signed

The University of Aveiro (UA), Tekever Autonomous Systems and the Portuguese Army signed, on November the 2nd 2011, a cooperation protocol in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) in the context of robotic systems for use in the Army. ATRI and IEETA are one off the main three R&D Units representing UA in this cooperation agreement. The protocol defines the terms of the collaboration of the involved entities in design, testing, validation and certification of robotic systems operating with dual use - military and not primarily military applications. This protocol results from previous contacts made between the three entities during the past year as a result of the recognition, from the Portuguese Army, of the high quality robotic experience within UA. This collaboration consume a triple helix (company, university, end user) that prefigures an ideal model of the complementarities suitable for research, development and innovation.