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Advanced Information Extraction (MAPi)


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Semester First
Professor António J. S. Teixeira, Mário Rodrigues, Alberto Simões, José João Almeida
Level PhD
Target MAPi
Area Informatics

Extracting information from natural language unstructured documents is becoming more and more relevant in our “document society”. Despite the many useful applications that the information in these documents can potentiate, it is harder and harder to obtain the wanted information. Major problems result from the fact that much of the documents is in a format non usable by humans or machines. There is the need to create ways to extract relevant information from the vast amount of natural language sources.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

This course is intended to provide a practical yet state-of-the-art experience in information extraction, with emphasis on the current state of the art tools and technologies.

Course objectives:

- Explanation of the main concepts and technologies of information extraction at large;

- Experiment and analyze existing applications of information extraction

- Demonstrate and encourage students to combine several modules that compose a working system

- Understand the current challenges of concrete designs and solutions

- Knowledge of state of the art, allowing a critical attitude about the possibility of using information extraction technologies in concrete tasks

- Design and implement information extraction applications