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Title Fourier Analysis of Symbolic Data: A Brief review
Author Vera Afreixo, Paulo J S G Ferreira, Dorabella Santos
Journal Digital Signal Processing
Volume 14
Number 6
Pages 523-530
Month November
Year 2004
DOI [1]
Group (before 2015) Signal Processing Laboratory
Indexed by ISI Yes


The paper discusses methods for the Fourier analysis of symbolic data, such as DNA sequences. The indicator sequence approach is shown to be equivalent to the method based on the autocorrelation function, and also to the spectral envelope method.

One of the purposes of the paper is to present an approach to the analysis of symbolic data based on the autocorrelation concept. It can be defined in a very natural way and it leads to a numerical sequence. Then, we show that the Fourier transform of this sequence can be expressed in terms of the binary indicator sequences for each of the alphabet symbols. This approach sheds some light on the interplay between several of the methods that have been proposed for the Fourier analysis of symbolic DNA data.

Efficient computation procedures are also discussed, and it is shown that spectral analysis can be more efficient when obtained directly from the Fourier transforms of the indicator sequences.