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Title Traffic classification for managing applications’ networking profiles
Author Hassan Alizadeh, André Zúquete
Journal Security and Communication Networks
Volume 9
Number 14
Pages 2557-2575
Month September
Year 2016
DOI 10.1002/sec.1516
Group Information Systems and Processing
Group (before 2015) Information Systems and Telematics Laboratory
Indexed by ISI Yes

Motivated by the goal of detecting intrusions in (known) applications when their traffic exhibits anomalies, this paper surveys traffic classification methodologies, within a taxonomy framework, for managing applications' networking profiles. The key requirements are discussed for a practical solution and then the referred methodologies are assessed in terms of their capabilities, limitations and challenges for being used as a part of this solution. The approaches based on “multiple sub-flows” have shown the potential for building a robust and practical per-application profile. An overview of a blend of real-time approaches is also described.

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