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Amaro Miguel Ferreira Antunes


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Subject Actuação Cooperativa de Conversores em Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes (Smart Grids)
Advisor Salviano F. S. P. Soares, (co-advisor)
Group Information Systems and Processing
Status PhD student
Starts 2013/09/01
Ends 2022/07/15
Country Portugal
Past projects
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The smart grids represent a new and attracting challenge for various research areas. The inclusion of information technologies across the entire electrical grid creates new capacities, with impact on the environment, science and technology, economy and lifestyle. Creation of a smart grid provides utilities and their customers a significant improvement in power reliability and services.

Bolsa de doutoramento FCT em contexto empresarial (SFRH/BDE/51752/2011) na Siemens SA - Amadora acompanhada pelo Mestre João Pissarro responsável pela área de negócios Engineering, da Divisão de Transporte e Distribuição de Energia (PDT) do Operating Group Power da Siemens, S.A.