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Analog to Information Converters


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Title State of the art of Analog to Information Converters
Speaker Nuria González-Prelcic
Institution Unversity of Vigo
Date 2010/06/01
Time 15:30
Location Anfiteatro do IT
Country Portugal


Compressive sampling is emerging as a new theory that exploits the sparsity present in many signals to break through the Nyquist barrier and reduce the number of measurements needed for signal acquisition. These new and efficient sampling strategies for sparse signals can not be implemented by means of conventional analog information converters, so that new data acquisition systems are being designed. This new class of systems receives the general name of Analog to Information converters (A2I). This talk describes and analyzes the performance of the different A2I schemes proposed in the recent literature; in addition, the mathematical model of the sensing process, represented as a measurement matrix, is studied.

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