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Master thesis

Title Human body tracking and interactive applications for balance rehabilitation
Author Anna-Khrystyna Andreikanich
School Universidade de Aveiro
Address Campus Universitário Santiago, Aveiro, Portugal
Month July
Year 2018
Advisor Beatriz Sousa Santos, Paulo Dias
Group Information Systems and Processing
Group (before 2015)

In recent years with the development of Virtual Reality and gaming industry, a number of Virtual Reality and Motion tracking devices have been offered on the market for an affordable price. Besides the applications in gaming, Virtual Reality potential in the medical rehabilitation was recognized as well. It offers a new approach to treatment in Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation. The aim of this work is a research of the application of VR games in the rehabilitation; Identification of how they can increase the motivation of Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke patients for performing exercises relevant to their rehabilitation and the benefits it offers. This work was performed in collaboration with the Rovisco Pais Rehabilitation Center The challenges faced by doctors, therapist and patients in the physical therapy were studied. Based on the case study of the rehabilitation center a mini-game for upper body equilibrium training was developed and another was adapted and tested both with healthy people and patients. For motion tracking the Kinect v2 from Microsoft was used in conjunction with the Unity Game Engine. In addition, the Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor was evaluated for gait cycle analysis.