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Conference proceedings article

Title Remote Collaboration using Mixed Reality: Exploring a shared model approach through different interaction methods
Author João Barroso, Luís Fonseca, Bernardo Marques, Paulo Dias, Beatriz Sousa Santos
Booktitle ECSCW2020 - 18th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Volume 4
Pages 2
Month June
Year 2020
Group Information Systems and Processing
Group (before 2015)
Indexed by ISI Yes
Scope International

In many situations, performing maintenance procedures can be facilitated by providing on-site professionals with the possibility to request assistance from remote experts, thus performing the task collaboratively. Since remote experts don't have access to the local environment, they need additional mechanisms to provide instructions and guidance in such context. In this ongoing work, we present a Mixed Reality (MR) platform that explores the use of a shared model approach for collaboration scenarios. The platform uses predefined 3D models, which can be accessed by remote experts using Virtual Reality (VR) and by on-site users through Augmented Reality (AR). In addition, the remote expert can manipulate virtual models using different interaction methods and devices, as a mouse and a keyboard (computer), an interactive projector (touch) and controllers (Head Mounted Display). Our goal was to enrich his experience and improve collaborative awareness. We conducted a preliminary user study to evaluate collaboration, and different interaction methods, using as case study the assembly of Lego blocks.