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The mission of the Biomedical Informatics and Technologies group (BIT) is to contribute to the scientific advances in ICT for translational health, through the study of algorithmic questions and computational solutions inspired by and related to biological and biomedical problems. We are in a privileged position to explore future healthcare scenarios working in R&D towards personalized medicine, where treatments are shaped for each individual considering its multiple dimensions, from molecular profiling to better clinical tools for diagnostic and treatments.

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This is the list of publications of the Biomedical Informatics and Technologies group. To add data to this list, check the information regarding the publication lists, and then add the data by following the appropriate link below.


9 books found since 2015:

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Articles in international journals listed in the ISI

168 articles found since 2015:

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  51. ...further results

Other articles in journals

32 articles found since 2015:

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  11. ...further results

Chapters in books

65 articles found since 2015:

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  11. ...further results

Articles in proceedings of conferences

233 articles found since 2015:

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  11. ...further results

PhD theses

28 PhD theses found since 2015:

  1. Carlos Daniel Ferreira. Mapeamento das áreas cerebrais envolvidas na génese do discurso silencioso - Da sílaba à frase / Functional mapping of the inner speech brain related areas. PhD Thesis, Universidade de Aveiro, July 2020
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  10. Edgar Coelho. Computational prediction of Inter-Species Protein-Protein Interactions. PhD Thesis, Universidade de Aveiro, April 2017
  11. ...further results

Masters theses

64 Masters theses found since 2015:

  1. Diana Marques da Costa Alves. Análise da Exposição Radiológica Sazonal: Da Utilização de Recursos à Exposição Individual. Masters Thesis, Universidade de Aveiro, February 2021
  2. João Pedro Linhares Ferreira. Radar-based acquisition of vital signs (Medição de sinais vitais com Radar). Masters Thesis, DETI, Universidade de Aveiro, 2021
  3. Lígia Maria Santos Fernandes. Sistema de Informação de Suporte à Via Verde do AVC. Masters Thesis, Universidade de Aveiro, January 2021
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