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CAMBADA ranks 2nd in the Robotics Portuguese Open


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2015/04/12: CAMBADA ranks 2nd in the Robotics Portuguese Open

The 15th edition of the Portuguese Robotics Open was disputed Vila Real between 8 and 12th of April. Five teams participated in the Middle Size League: three Portuguese and two from the Netherlands. The CAMBADA team finished the group stage in the first position having beaten the world champion team in the first game by 2-1 and achieved a draw with this team in the second game with the score of 2-2. In all the CAMBADA team scored 47 goals and suffered 9. In the finals, against the world champions, a first part with many wireless communication problems dictated a large imbalance in favor of United Tech, which reached the interval already winning 4-0. In the second part the communication conditions improved for CAMBADA, which still ended up losing 6-1. The overall participation reached an excellent level and was an important preparation step towards the World Championship in CHINA.