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CISTI'2017 - Nelsoon Rocha (2)


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Date 2017/06/23
Title Technologies For Ageing In Place To Support Community-dewlling Older Adults
Speaker Nelson Rocha
Location Lisboa
Country portugal


Objectives - This study aimed to systematize current evidence of technologies for ageing in place designed to support the daily living of community-dwelling older adults. Methods - A systematic review of reviews and meta-analysis was performed based on a search of the literature. Results - A total of 24 reviews and meta-analysis were retrieved and interventions related to physical activity, nutrition and weight management, health education, loneliness and social isolation, and emergency situations were identified. These studies analyze the impact of different technologies in community-dwelling older adults, considering several health related outcomes. Conclusion - Technologies for ageing in place have positive effects on various health related outcomes, but further research is required.