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CLAWAR'2017 - Mohammadreza Kasaei


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Date 2017/09/12
Title A Reliable Hierarchical Omnidirectional Walking Engine for a Bipedal Robot by Using the Enhanced LIP Plus Flywheel
Speaker Mohammadreza Kasaei
Event CLAWAR'2017
Location Porto
Country Portugal

Abstract: According to the similarity in kinematic architecture, bipedal robots are the most appropriate type of robot to operate in humanoid environments. Most of the humanoid robots have more than 20 degrees of freedom (DoF), therefore they have complex kinematics and dynamics. Due to these complexities, de- veloping a stable walking engine is a diļæ½cult subject which is still one of the main challenges. In this paper, a hierarchical walking engine is presented which tries to fade the complexities and increases the exibility and portability. To generate the reference trajectories of walking, Linear Inverted Pendulum Plus Flywheel Model is used. We enhanced this model to release the height con- straint of the Center of Mass (CoM). This enhancement not only provides more natural motion but also it provides larger stride. The reliability of the proposed structure is verified through real experiments for an 110cm bipedal robot. The experimental results show the performance of this controller to keep robot's stability during walking. The average speed of walking that we have achieved was 20cm=sec.