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Master thesis

Title Realidade Aumentada contínua: proposta de um sistema de navegação e interação em ambientes interiores
Author Rapahel Carvalho
School Universidade de Aveiro
Address Campus Universitário Santiago, Aveiro, Portugal
Month December
Year 2017
Advisor Beatriz Sousa Santos, Paulo Dias
Group Information Systems and Processing
Group (before 2015)

Augmented Reality has become more and more used lately, and this trend will probably continue in the next years. This dissertation addresses the topic of continuous Augmented Reality using mobile devices capable of tracking their own 3D location. This approach allows “augmenting” real spaces with virtual contents, without any interruption, as it is the case of Museums, improving visitors’ experience. The accuracy of Tango was studied for different tracking methods provided by this platform and a method was proposed to improve their performance in changing environment conditions. As the configuration of such augmented environments is a relevant issue to their applicability, a solution was developed and tested to ease this configuration easier.