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Ciência 2018


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Date 2018/07/02
Time 3-5, July, 2018
Location Lisbon
Country Portugal

Ciência 2018 is the annual meeting of Portuguese researchers. Ciencia 2018 aims at promoting a broad debate on the main topics and challenges of the scientific agenda beyond the world of research. The main goal is to stimulate not just the participation but also the interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public.

IEETA has contributed to this annual reflection on the state of Science and Technology in Portugal and in Europe with 2 presentations and 2 demonstrators, namely:


1) "Robots in action: from industry to autonomous driving"
2) "Informatics for Health"


1) "Multimodal Interaction"
António Teixeira
2) "Projeto EuRoC – Avanços Recentes da Robótica Inteligente em Ambiente Industrial"
Nuno Lau

(more infomations: