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Computer Speech and Language


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ISSN 0885-2308
Country England

About the journal

Computer Speech & Language publishes reports of original research related to the recognition, understanding, production, coding and mining of speech and language.The speech and language sciences have a long history, but it is only relatively recently that large-scale implementation of and experimentation with complex models of speech and language processing has become feasible. Such research is often carried out somewhat separately by practitioners of artificial intelligence, computer science, electronic engineering, information retrieval, linguistics, phonetics, or psychology.The journal provides a focus for this work, and encourages an interdisciplinary approach to speech and language research and technology. Thus contributions from all of the related fields are welcomed in the form of reports of theoretical or experimental studies, tutorials, and brief correspondence pertaining to models and their implementation, or reports of fundamental research leading to the improvement of such models. Research Areas Include* Algorithms and models for speech recognition and synthesis* Natural language processing for speech understanding and generation* Statistical computational linguistics* Computational models of discourse and dialogue* Information retrieval, extraction and summarization* Speaker and language recognition* Computational models of speech production and perception* Signal processing for speech analysis, enhancement and transformation* Evaluation of human and computer system performance


Impact factor

The impact factor of Computer Speech and Language is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2016 1.900 64/133 Q2
2015 1.324 68/130 Q3
2014 1.753 47/123 Q2
2013 1.812
2012 1.463
2010 1.353
2009 1.034
2008 1.413
2007 1.094
2006 0.689
2005 0.487