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Title ATLAS-Geo: Advances in Terrain-based Localization of Autonomous Submersibles
Reference FCT PTDC/EEA-ELC/111095/2009
PI Francisco Curado
Funded by FCT
Global funding (€) 146000
RU funding (€) 0
Starts 2011/03/01
Ends 2014/08/31

The main objective of the current project consists in the development of geophysical navigation (GN) methods with application to the navigation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). This approach to navigation relies essentially on matching the geophysical data acquired by a vehicle in real time with pre-existent maps of the area to be surveyed. It is an alternative, economical approach to dead-reckoning methods based on the integration of Inertial Navigation Sensor information and Doppler Velocity Logger data. One of the main advantages of GN is the possibility of eliminating the drifts that are inherent to the dead-reckoning methods. Geophysical Navigation is particularly well suited for the navigation of autonomous vehicles in areas that need to be surveyed repeatedly since the cost of acquiring the prior maps is diluted along time. As such, GN reveals high potential of application to oceanography in general and to marine geophysics in particular.