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Title DICOM Services Over Peer-To-Peer Networks
Reference PTDC/EIA- EIA/104428/2008
PI Carlos Costa
Participants Augusto Silva, José Luís Oliveira, Daniel Polónia
Funded by FCT
Global funding (€) 111,192€153,444.96 USD
RU funding (€)
Starts 2010/05/01
Ends 2013/04/30

This project emphasises the concept “Share Medical Images, Anywhere, Any time”, promoting an enormous transformation in service delivery across healthcare institutions. To promote this concept, the project aims developing an open source DICOM services framework over P2P technology. In this project, P2P protocols will be extended to implement medical imaging services like storage, query and retrieval, print and worklist management. The framework will encapsulate those DICOM standard services over P2P networks to provide transparent inter-institutional connectivity. To potentiate an immediate and transparent usage of this new concept by current PACS solutions, the project will develop a DICOM services proxy that will allow a pair of proxies to create a transparent tunnelling of standard DICOM services between distinct institutions.