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Title EU-ADR - Exploring and Understanding Adverse Drug Reactions by Integrative Mining of Clinical Records and Biomedical Knowledge
Reference Contract no. 215847
PI José Luís Oliveira
Participants Carlos Costa, Silvina Santana, Joaquim Arnaldo Martins, Joaquim Sousa Pinto, Pedro Lopes, Sérgio Matos, Tiago Nunes
Funded by EU FP7
Global funding (€)
RU funding (€) 286,650€395,577 USD
Starts 2008/02/01
Ends 2012/07/31

Project Summary and Objectives

The EU-ADR project aims to develop an innovative computerized system to detect adverse drug reactions (ADRs), supplementing spontaneous reporting systems. To achieve this objective, EU-ADR will exploit clinical data from electronic healthcare records (EHRs) of over 30 million patients from several European countries (The Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Italy). In this project a variety of text mining, epidemiological and other computational techniques will be used to analyze the EHRs in order to detect ‘signals’ (combinations of drugs and suspected adverse events that warrant further investigation).

The overall objective of the EU-ADR project is the design, development and validation of a computerized system that exploits data from electronic healthcare records and biomedical databases for the early detection of adverse drug reactions.

EU-ADR specific objectives are:

  • To detect events
  • To relate these events to drugs
  • To develop hypothesis that explain adverse events
  • To detect adverse events earlier
  • To avoid false positives