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Emanuel Matos


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Subject Extraction and Access to Information in Natural Language 
Advisor António J. S. Teixeira, Mário Rodrigues, Liliana da Silva Ferreira
Group Biomedical Informatics and Technologies
Status PhD student
Starts 2019/10/01
Ends 2022/09/30
Country Brazil
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Automatic extraction of information from these natural language sources has many applications, including Business Intelligence, Forensics, and question answering systems. Despite their potential, creation of such systems for new domains is not simple and, in general, development has been limited to developers with in-depth knowledge of the area. As extraction methods improve, the amount of information also augments, making more and more difficult effective access by humans.

Main objectives

The main objectives are: study and develop processes to simplify creation of information extraction pipelines for new domains; study and develop methods to simplify access and exploration of extracted information, exploring recent developments in question answering and dialog systems; contribute to democratization of usage of such systems in relevant economic and social areas in countries having Portuguese as official language, particularly Portugal and Brazil.

Research Questions

Initial research questions include: how to combine multiple methods and existing pipelines to improve performance and simplify development; can Open-IE be used to effectively bootstrap creation of relation extractors; how to use the extracted information to further improve extraction; how to couple extraction with users’ interface to access information.


Articles in conference proceedings