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Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


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ISSN 0167-6369
Country The Netherlands

About the journal

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment discusses technical developments and data arising from environmental monitoring and assessment, principles in the design of monitoring systems, and the use of monitoring data in assessing the consequences of natural resource management and pollution risks. The journal examines monitoring systems designed to estimate exposure both at the individual and population levels, and also focuses on the development of monitoring systems related to the management of various renewable natural resources in, for instance, agriculture, fisheries and forests. Coverage extends to the use of monitoring in pollution assessment, and particular emphasis is given to the synthesis of monitoring data with toxicological, epidemiological and health data, as well as with pre-market screening results.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2015 1.633 117/225 Q3
2014 1.679 110/223 Q2
2013 1.679
2012 1.592
2011 1.400
2010 1.436
2009 1.356