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Enzyme and Microbial Technology


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Country USA

About the journal

Enzyme and Microbial Technology is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research and reviews, of biotechnological significance and novelty, on basic and applied aspects of the science and technology of processes involving the use of enzymes, micro-organisms, animal cells and plant cells. We especially encourage submissions on * Biocatalysis and the use of Directed Evolution in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology * Biotechnological Production of New Bioactive Molecules, Biomaterials, Biopharmaceuticals, and Biofuels * New Imaging Techniques and Biosensors, especially as applicable to Healthcare and Systems Biology * New Biotechnological Approaches in Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics * Metabolic Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering and Nanobiotechnology


Impact factor

The impact factor of Enzyme and Microbial Technology is as follows:

Year Impact
2014 2.322
2012 2.592
2011 2.287
2010 2.287
2009 2.638
2008 2.375
2007 1.969
2006 1.897