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Expert Review of Medical Devices


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ISSN 1743-4440
Country England

About the journal

Expert Review of Medical Devices (ISSN 1743-4440) provides commentary, analysis and debate for all professionals involved in research, development, testing and clinical use of devices. The journal serves the device research community by providing a comprehensive body of high-quality information from leading experts, all subject to rigorous peer review. The Expert Review format is specially structured to optimize the value of the information to reader. Comprehensive coverage by each author in a key area of research or clinical practice is augmented by the following sections: Expert commentary - a personal view on the most effective or promising strategies Five-year view - a clear perspective of future prospects within a realistic timescale Key issues - an executive summary cutting to the author's most critical points In addition to the Review program, each issue also features Medical Device Profiles - objective assessments of specific devices in development or clinical use to help inform clinical practice. There are also Perspectives - overviews highlighting areas of current debate and controversy, together with reports from the conference scene and invited Editorials.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Expert Review of Medical Devices is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2014 1.683 41/76 Q3
2013 1.784
2012 2.433