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FC Portugal is World Champion at RoboCup 2022 3D Simulation League


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2022/07/16: FC Portugal is World Champion at RoboCup 2022 3D Simulation League, 16 July, Bangkok, Thailand

RoboCup 2022 ( took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 13 to 17 July. RoboCup is the most important robot competition in the world and its main objective is to promote research and development in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. To that end, it challenges teams from universities around the world to compete in various domains such as Robotic Soccer, Domestic and Industrial Robots or Robot Rescue Missions. The competition had its first edition in 1997 in Nagoya, Japan, and has been held annually since then in several countries and continents. The RoboCup goal set for Robotic Soccer is that in 2050 there will be a team of humanoid robots that will beat the winning team of that year's World Cup.

The Portuguese participation in RoboCup 2022 was made up of the teams FC Portugal from the University of Porto (FEUP/LIACC) and University of Aveiro (UA/IEETA), in the 3D Simulation league, and the CENFIM OAZ team from the Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria Metalúrgica e Metalomecânica de Oliveira de Azeméis, at RoboCup Junior.

Competing in the 3D Simulation League, in which teams of 11 fully autonomous, simulated humanoid robots play soccer with each other, the FC Portugal team became world champion. This victory broke the US dominance in this League that had lasted for several years. The final, against the German team magmaOffenburg, had the final result of 6-1 that reflects well the dominance of the FC Portugal team during the game and the whole competition, where they scored 84 goals and only conceded 2. The competition included 10 teams from Brazil, China, India, Germany, South Africa and USA.

The dominance of the FC Portugal team in this league is also evident by the victories obtained in the Free/Scientific Challenge and in the (Technical) Fat Proxy Challenge. FC Portugal won the main soccer competition and also all the other challenges of the league.

The FC Portugal team is a joint project of the Universities of Porto and Aveiro, which uses the RoboCup robotic soccer competitions to develop research in Robot Team Coordination and Machine Learning for Robots and Robot Teams. The team, this year, was composed of Miguel Abreu (student of the Doctoral Program in Computer Engineering at FEUP and researcher at LIACC), Nuno Lau (University of Aveiro/IEETA) and Luís Paulo Reis (FEUP/LIACC) although several other students from the Universities of Porto and Aveiro have also collaborated in its development.

The FC Portugal team is based on behaviors developed using artificial intelligence, namely reinforcement learning, and uses multi-agent techniques for team coordination. The security and robustness of the team game is enhanced by fast and omnidirectional movement on the field (humanoid robots can walk in all directions) and by excellent ball handling (dribbling and shooting) that surprised all teams. In addition to the competitions, RoboCup also includes a scientific conference called RoboCup Symposium, where Nuno Lau, from the University of Aveiro, was one of the organizers. The Symposium took place on July 17 in Bangkok, Thailand.

This was the first victory of a Portuguese team in a main RoboCup League since the memorable victory of the CAMBADA team, from the University of Aveiro, in 2008 in the Middle Size League.

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