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Title Trading-off matrix size and matrix structure: Handling Toeplitz equations by embedding on a larger circulant set
Author Paulo J S G Ferreira, M. Elena Domínguez-Jiménez
Journal Digital Signal Processing
Volume 20
Number 6
Pages 1711-1722
Month December
Year 2010
DOI doi:10.1016/j.dsp.2010.03.002
Group (before 2015) Signal Processing Laboratory
Indexed by ISI Yes


This paper explores a seemingly counter-intuitive idea: the possibility of accelerating the solution of certain linear equations by adding even more equations to the problem. The basic insight is to trade-off problem size by problem structure. We test this idea on Toeplitz equations, in which case the expense of a larger set of equations easily leads to circulant structure. The idea leads to a very simple iterative algorithm, which works for a certain class of Toeplitz matrices, each iteration requiring only two circular convolutions. In the symmetric definite case, numerical experiments show that the method can compete with the preconditioned conjugate gradient method (PCG), which achieves View the MathML source performance. Because the iteration does not converge for all Toeplitz matrices, we give necessary and sufficient conditions to ensure convergence (for not necessarily symmetric matrices), and suggest an efficient convergence test. In the positive definite case we determine the value of the free parameter of the circulant that leads to the fastest convergence, as well as the corresponding value for the spectral radius of the iteration matrix. Although the usefulness of the proposed iteration is limited in the case of ill-conditioned matrices, we believe that the results show that the problem size/problem structure trade-off deserves further study.