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Conference proceedings article

Title Characterization and testing of a shock absorber embedded sensor
Author C. Ferreira, P. Ventura, C. Grinde, Raul Morais, António L. G. Valente, C. Neves, Manuel J. C. S. Reis
Booktitle Procedia Engineering, Eurosensor XXIV Conference
Volume 5
Pages 319-322
Year 2010
Group (before 2015) Signal Processing Laboratory
Indexed by ISI Yes
Scope International


This article presents the characterization of a shock absorber embedded sensor (SAES) for real-time monitoring of the condition of vehicle shock absorbers in everyday use. A prototype system was built using a custom designed monolithic silicon combined accelerometer, pressure and temperature sensors. The characterization of the SAES was performed and the obtained results meet and even outperform the specification requirements. The SAES was installed in a shock absorber, with adjustable damping properties, and submitted to road tests. Results show that the condition of a shock absorber can be effectively assessed with the presented SAES. Ensuring that shock absorbers are replaced before reach unacceptable condition, this system will increase onboard comfort and vehicle safety.


  • Shock absorber
  • Embedded sensor
  • Vehicle safety