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Master thesis

Title Contract-Java: Design by Contract in Java
Author Pedro Filipe do Amaral Goucha Francisco
School MIECT, Universidade de Aveiro
Month December
Year 2012
Advisor Miguel Oliveira e Silva
Group (before 2015) Information Systems and Telematics Laboratory

Design by Contract is a programming methodology which implements correction mechanisms well adapted to object-oriented programming, easing the construction of correct and robust software, as well as allowing its documentation and specification and the construction of fault-tolerance programs. However, unlike object-oriented programming, Design by Contract has a very low distribution. One of the reasons for such is the lack of support for it on most programming languages currently in use, in which Java is included. Although a few tools attempt to workaround such lack of support, they all present incomplete approaches which do not support all the advantages and capabilities of Design by Contract. In this work, we intend to define which characteristics are necessary in order to fully implement the methodology, evaluating the faults of existing tools and, afterwards, defining and constructing a new language, "Contract-Java", defined as an extension of the Java language, allows to use Design by Contract in its entirety.