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2016/11/03: Second place in Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2016Bernardo Marques, that recently finished his master in ECT at Departamento de Engenharia Electrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática (DETI), was awarded with the second place for his master dissertation in the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2016 - MSc works (best practical idea) His work entitled "Veracity - Low cost physiology assessment tool using Virtual Reality" is another result from an interdisciplinary research line at IEETA, where information systems work in collaboration with psychological problems. The work was advised by the IEETA researchers José Maria Fernandes and Susana Brás with collaboration with Sandra Soares from the department of Education and Psychology of University of Aveiro .

One of the main features of ‘Veracity’ is to allow registering the individual’s reaction while interacting with the virtual world using contactless interaction. ‘Veracity’ system was tested in a spider phobia scenario. The tests suggest that Veracity’s gamification approach and ability to customize the virtual stimuli can be adapted and useful in clinical practice as a solution to monitor and elicit natural reactions from individuals in other scenarios namely other specific phobias.