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Title GEN2PHEN - Genotype-To-Phenotype Databases: A Holistic Solution
Reference HEALTH theme - contract no. 200754
PI José Luís Oliveira
Participants Silvina Santana, Carlos Costa, António J. S. Teixeira, Pedro Lopes, Joel Arrais, Ricardo Dias
Funded by EU FP7
Global funding (€)
RU funding (€) 335,048€462,366.24 USD
Starts 2008/01/01
Ends 2013/12/31

Project Summary and Objectives

The GEN2PHEN project aims to unify human and model organism genetic variation databases towards increasingly holistic views into Genotype-To-Phenotype (G2P) data, and to link this system into other biomedical knowledge sources via genome browser functionality. The project will establish the technological building-blocks needed for the evolution of today’s diverse G2P databases into a future seamless G2P biomedical knowledge environment, by the projects end. This will consist of a European-centred but globally-networked hierarchy of bioinformatics GRID-linked databases, tools and standards, all tied into the Ensembl genome browser. The project has the following specific objectives:

  • To analyse the G2P field and thus determine emerging needs and practices
  • To develop key standards for the G2P database field
  • To create generic database components, services and integration infrastructures for the G2P database domain
  • To create search modalities and data presentation solutions for G2P knowledge
  • To facilitate the process of populating G2P databases
  • To build a major G2P internet portal
  • To deploy GEN2PHEN solutions to the community
  • To address system durability and long-term financing
  • To undertake a whole-system utility and validation pilot study