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Government Information Quarterly


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ISSN 0740-624X
Country The Netherlands

About the journal

Government Information Quarterly is an international journal that examines the intersection of policy, information technology, government, and the public. In particular, GIQ focuses on how policies affect government information flows and the availability of government information; the use of technology to create and provide innovative government services; the impact of information technology on the relationship between the governed and those governing; and the increasing significance of information policies and information technology in relation to democratic practices.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Government Information Quarterly is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2014 2.321 8/85 Q1
2013 2.033 11/84 Q1
2012 1.910 11/85 Q1
2011 1.425 22/83 Q2
2010 1.878
2009 2.098
2008 1.910
2007 0.810
2006 0.448
2005 0.480