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HCI'2017 - Samuel Silva (2)


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Date 2017/07/14
Title Silent Speech Interaction for Ambient Assisted Living Scenarios
Speaker Samuel Silva
Location Vancouver
Country Canada

Abstract: In many Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) contexts, the speech signal cannot be used or speech recognition performance is highly affected due to ambient noise from televisions or music players. Trying to address these difficulties resulted in the exploration of Silent Speech interfaces (SSI), making use of other means to obtain information regarding what the user is uttering, even when no acoustic speech signal is produced.

The automatic recognition of what has been said, based only on images of the face, is the purpose of Visual Speech Recognition (VSR) systems, a type of SSI. However, despite the potential of VSR for enabling the interaction of older adults with new AAL applications, and current advances in SSI technologies, no real VSR application can be found in the literature.

Based on recent work in SSI, for European Portuguese, a first working application of VSR targeting older adults is presented along with and results from an initial evaluation. The system performed well, enabling real-time control of a media player with an accuracy of 81.3% and performing classification in around 1.3 s. At this stage, the results vary from speaker to speaker and the system performs better if the words are correctly articulated. The effect of distance of the speaker to the video apparatus (a Kinect One) proved not to be an issue in terms of the system accuracy.