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Starts 2017/09/11
Ends 2017/09/15
Participant Rita Coimbra
Location Lisboa
Country Portugal

Introductory Biostatistics for Biologists - The Gulbenkian Training Programme in Bioinformatics

This is one of our "Foundations" type courses, providing a systematic and detailed review of fundamental concepts and techniques in Biostatistics. Participants can expect to go through a set of exercises that are based on biomedical problems. These exercises are preceded by short lectures that are simple to follow. The lectures are designed to provide the conceptual framework that is needed to release the training power of the exercises, not to flood the participants with formality, which will be kept to a minimum. We will make use of a highly interactive methodology, taking advantage of our well equipped Bioinformatics training room. With this approach, we expect to bring the participants to a high degree of usage independence in using the methods that we cover. Main topics: Descriptive Statistics; Probability; Statistical Inference; Design of Experiments.