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ICARSC'2017 - Eurico Pedrosa (2)


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Date 2017/04/27
Title Skill-based Anytime Agent Architecture for Logistics and Manipulation Tasks - EuRoC Challenge 2, Stage II – REALISTIC LABS: Benchmarking
Speaker Eurico Pedrosa
Event ICARSC'2017
Location Coimbra
Country Portugal

Abstract: Nowadays, the increase of robotic technology application to industry scenarios is notorious. Proposals for new effective solutions are in continuous development once industry needs a constantly improvement in time as well as in production quality and efficiency. The EuRoC research project proposes a scientific competition in which research and industry manufacturers joint teams are encouraged to develop and test solutions that can solve several issues as well as be useful in manufacturing improvement. This paper presents the TIMAIRIS architecture and approach used in the Challenge 2 - Stage II - Benchmarking phase, namely regarding the perception, manipulation and planning strategy that was applied to achieve the tasks objectives. The used approach proved to be quite robust and efficient, which allowed us to rank first in the Benchmarking phase.