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IEEE Transactions on Computers


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Country USA

About the journal

IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC) is a scholarly archival journal published monthly with a wide distribution to researchers, developers, technical managers, and educators in the computer field. It publishes papers, brief contributions, and comments on research in areas of current interest to the readers. These areas include, but are not limited to, the following: a) computer organizations and architectures; b) operating systems, software systems, and communication protocols; c) real-time systems and embedded systems; d) digital devices, computer components, and interconnection networks; e) specification, design, prototyping, and testing methods and tools; f) performance, fault tolerance, reliability, security, and testability; g) case studies and experimental and theoretical evaluations; and h) new and important applications and trends.


Impact factor

The impact factor of IEEE Transactions on Computers is as follows:

Year Impact
2014 1.659
2012 1.379
2011 1.103
2010 1.608
2009 1.822
2008 2.611
2007 1.680
2006 1.426
2005 1.875