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IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


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ISSN 0018-9545
Country USA

About the journal

The purpose of the Transactions on Vehicular Technology is to publish peer-reviewed papers on electrical and electronics technology in vehicles and vehicular systems. The scope is defined by the following three areas: Communications: The use of mobile radio on land, sea, and air, including cellular radio, two-way radio, and one-way radio, with applications to dispatch and control vehicles, mobile radiotelephone, radio paging, and status monitoring and reporting. Related areas include spectrum usage, component radio equipment such as cavities and antennas, computer control for radio systems, digital modulation and transmission techniques, mobile radio circuit design, radio propagation for vehicular communications, effects of ignition noise and radio frequency interference, and consideration of the vehicle as part of the radio operating environment. Transportation Systems: The use of electronic technology for the control of ground transportation systems including, but not limited to, traffic aid systems; traffic control systems; automatic vehicle identification, location, and monitoring systems; automated transport systems, with single and multiple vehicle control; and moving walkways or people-movers. Vehicular Electronics: The use of electronic or electrical components and systems for control, propulsion, or auxiliary functions, including but not limited to, electronic controls for engineer, drive train, convenience, safety, and other vehicle systems; sensors, actuators, and microprocessors for onboard use; electronic fuel control systems; vehicle electrical components and systems collision avoidance systems; electromagnetic compatibility in the vehicle environment; and electric vehicles and controls.


Impact factor

The impact factor of IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2015 2.243 14/82 Q1
2014 1.978 15/77 Q1
2013 2.642
2012 2.063