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IEETA seminar of Ana Isabel Martins, April 2018


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Title Usability evaluation of ambient assisted living systems using a multi-method approach
Speaker Ana Isabel Martins
Institution IEETA
Date 2018/04/18
Time 14:30
Location IEETA Amph.
Country Portugal

Abstract: The assessment of the usability of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) products and services is a demanding process due to their complexity.

This work consisted in developing an appropriate multi-method methodology to evaluate the usability of Ambient Assisted Living products and services using qualitative and quantitative measures. The development of this methodology was based in a Living Lab approach, which advocates the involvement of all stakeholders in the development process. The usability evaluation methodology was validated in experimental studies that considered several research projects in different stages of development and allowed to demonstrate its validity and robustness.

In order to holistically understand usability, another study is ongoing to explore the influence of the cognitive ability on usability evaluation and compare this variable with others traditionally associated with usability such as age and education. Preliminary results seem to indicate that cognitive health explain part of the usability results and their scores are highly correlated.