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IEETA seminar of Diogo Pratas, Dec 201


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Title IEETA seminar of Diogo Pratas, December 201
Speaker Diogo Pratas
Institution IEETA
Date 2019/12/04
Time 15h00
Location IEETA Amph.
Country Portugal

Abstract: The development of improved data compressors for DNA sequences is crucial for reducing the storage, the bandwidth for transmission, and for improving compression-based analysis applications. In this seminar, we describe a new lossless compressor with improved compression capabilities for DNA sequences benchmarked in different domains and kingdoms. The reference-free method uses a competitive prediction model to estimate, for each symbol, the best class of models to be used before applying arithmetic encoding. This seminar includes the description of the two classes of models: weighted context models (including substitutional tolerant context models) and weighted stochastic repeat models. Also, some comparisons and discussions about these models will be made. The results show that the proposed method attains a higher compression ratio than state-of-the-art approaches, on a balanced and diverse benchmark, using a competitive level of computational resources.