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IEETA seminar of Liming Zhang, July 2019


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Title New ECG signal compression and classification methods based on adaptive Fourier decomposition
Speaker Liming Zhang
Institution Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau
Date 2019/07/24
Time 14:30
Location IEETA Amph.
Country Portugal

Abstract This talk will include two parts. One is to introduce a novel ECG signal compression algorithm based on Blaschke unwinding adaptive Fourier decomposition (AFD). The other is to present a novel approach for heartbeat classification from single-lead ECG signals based on AFD. AFD is a newly developed signal processing technique that generalizes the traditional Fourier decomposition. Unlike ordinary transform based approaches based on a pre-selected basis, AFD adaptively decomposes different signals into different TM systems that introduce the Fourier type but non-linear and non-negative time-frequency representation.