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IEETA seminar of Nawel Jmail, April 2018


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Title Separation of phasic and oscillatory activities in MEG, EEG and intracerebral EEG
Speaker Nawel Jmail
Institution Sfax University, Tunisia
Date 2018/04/26
Time 14:30
Location IEETA Amph.
Country Tunisia

Abstract: In separation of phasic and oscillatory cerebral activities in MEG, EEG and intracerebral EEG , firstly, we dealt with the development and validation of three separation methods between spikes and oscillations (FIR, MP, and SWT) in order to define their adequate networks in a pure way; we also evaluated these techniques performances. Then, we studied the oscillatory and transitory activities networks connectivity within two modalities of acquisition: MEG and IEEG, finally, we applied a despiking method for the recognition of a seizure build up.

Our original contribution was about defining the best filtering methods for separating spikes from oscillations, comparing the performance of FIR, SWT and MP for accurate separation between spikes and oscillation, comparing the network connectivity of spike / oscillations using two different acquisition techniques (non invasive and invasive one (MEG versus IEEG)), comparing the starter and the Seizure onset zone (SOZ) of spikes versus oscillations epileptic network connectivity and finally proposing a pre processing chain for build up seizure detection.