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IEETA seminar of Nuno Almeida, February 2018


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Title Multimodal Interaction: Contributions to Simplify Application Development
Speaker Nuno Almeida
Institution IEETA
Date 2018/02/07
Time 14:30
Location Anf IEETA
Country Portugal

Abstract: The way we interact with the devices around us, in everyday life, is constantly changing, boosted by emerging technologies and methods, providing better and more engaging ways to interact with applications. Nevertheless, the integration with these technologies, to enable their widespread use in current systems, presents a notable challenge and requires considerable knowhow from developers. In this work, we propose, design and implement a framework enabling easier development of multimodal interaction. Our proposal fully decouples the interaction modalities from the application, allowing the separate development of each part. The proposed framework already includes a set of generic modalities and modules ready to be used in novel applications. Additionally, our proposal also tackles the support for managing multi-device applications and includes a method and corresponding module to create fusion of events.