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IEETA seminar of Renato Rodrigues, January 2018


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Title Browsers - For better or worse ...
Speaker Renato Rodrigues
Institution OPOSEC
Date 2018/01/24
Time 14:30
Location Anf. IEETA
Country Portugal

Abstract: Security nowadays is a hot topic. Everyone is on alert for the latest database leak, closely tracking the updates on the business losing millions on a hack and digging deep on the web to find ways to stay protected. THIS PRESENTATION IS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, and it will show the role of browsers regarding security nowadays. Some of the tricks that will be explained are well known in the community, others not that much. During this talk, features will be abused and hopefully you will take something new for your assessments.

Short Bio: Renato Rodrigues is an Informatic Engineer, with high interest in security issues, working in the AppSec world for a while. Curator of an AppSec Ezine and promoter of a security enthusiasts group (0xOPOSEC) – more than breaking through challenges, it is all about sharing the knowledge.