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IEETA seminar of Susana Brás, July 2017


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Title Affective computing: Are you in, or are you out?
Speaker Susana Brás
Institution IEETA
Date 2017/07/14
Time 11h00
Location Anfiteatro do IEETA
Country Portugal

Abstract: Human centred perspective is gaining a momento; and Computer science community is now giving a way to use its tools in order to think in the human and society as the central factor. When we identify emotion, we are able to describe the person, and therefore his preferences. Emotion is fundamental to human experience, influencing cognition, perception, and everyday tasks such as learning, communication, and even rational decision-making. Emotion can be quantified in different ways: through biosignals, facial expression, speech, writing, etc. The major idea is to modulate the environment, for example, an adaptative game, a robot that interact with a kid, a smart home. At the end, the goal is to be less intrusive as possible, however, every time evaluating and adapting to the person. The person is in the center of everything here. Looking in the technological perspective we involve a multidisciplinary team: monitoring, wearables, information systems, privacy, storage, signal processing, data mining, machine learning.