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International Journal of Computers Communications & Control


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ISSN 1841-9836
Country Romania

About the journal

International Journal of Computers Communications & Control( IJCCC) is directed to the international communities of scientific researchers in computers and computer- based control from the universities, research units and industry. To differentiate from other similar journals , the editorial policy of IJCCC encourages the submission of ORIGINAL RESEARCH papers (8-16 pages) that focus on the integration of the 3 "C" (Computing, Communication, Control). We do not publish survey papers (only invited). In particular the following topics are expected to be addressed by authors: Integrated solutions in computer-based control and communications; Computational intelligence methods (with particular emphasis on fuzzy logic-based methods, ANN, evolutionary computing, collective/swarm intelligence); Advanced decision support systems (with particular emphasis on the usage of combined solvers and/or web technologies).


Impact factor

The impact factor of International Journal of Computers Communications & Control is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2016 1.374 96/146 Q3
2015 0.627 116/144 Q4
2014 0.746 96/139 Q3