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International Journal of Medical Informatics


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ISSN 1386-5056
Country Ireland

About the journal

The Journal provides an international medium for dissemination of original results and interpretative reviews concerning the field of medical informatics. The Journal emphasizes the evaluation of systems in healthcare settings.The scope of the journal covers:* Information systems, including national or international registration systems, hospital information systems, departmental and/or physician's office systems, document handling systems, electronic medical record systems, standardization, systems integration etc.;* Computer-aided medical decision support systems using heuristic, algorithmic and/or statistical methods as exemplified in decision theory, protocol development, artificial intelligence, etc.* Educational computer based programs pertaining to medical informatics or medicine in general.* Organizational, economic, social, clinical impact, ethical and cost-benefit aspects of IT applications in health care.


Impact factor

The impact factor of International Journal of Medical Informatics is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2018 2.731 57/155 Q2
2017 2.957 35/148 Q1
2016 3.210
2015 2.363
2014 2.004
2012 2.061
2011 2.414
2010 2.244
2009 3.126
2008 2.754
2007 1.579
2006 1.726