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International Journal of Technology Management


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ISSN 0267-5730
Country Switzerland

About the journal

IJTM aims to provide a refereed and authoritative source of information in the field of managing with technology, and the management of engineering, science and technology. It seeks to establish channels of communication between government departments, technology executives in industry, commerce and related business, and academic experts in the field.Topics covered include:* Competitiveness and cooperation* Knowledge assets* Globalisation, business/government relations* Productivity, efficiency, quality* Sourcing, technology transfer/licensing* Strategic planning, technology management/policies* R&D and design management* Multinational corporations, innovation, new technology, IT* Management of production systems, factory and office automation* R&D/manufacturing/marketing and after-market interface* International technology management policy and strategy* Legal aspects and financial considerations* Investment patterns and opportunities* Technology monitoring, audit, evaluation* Technology relations/trends, esp. in Far East, South Pacific, emerging markets


Impact factor

The impact factor of International Journal of Technology Management is as follows:

Year Impact Rank Quartile
2014 0.625 60/85 Q3
2013 0.492 65/87 Q3
2012 0.564 55/90 Q3
2011 0.516
2010 0.519