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Invited talk at Microsoft Workshop on Natural User Interaction: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives – DSAI 2012, Douro, Portugal, 21 July 2012


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Title Towards Speech-Based Interaction with Machines
Speaker António J. S. Teixeira
Institution Microsoft
Date 2012/07/21
Time 14:00
Location Douro - Douro Museum Conference Room, Peso da Régua
Country Portugal


Speech is our natural form of communication, allows interaction at some distance, can be used on the ubiquitous telephone, etc. Use of speech, alone or in multimodal setups, is expected to improve our interaction with machines, making it a more natural experience. But efficient use of speech for interaction challenges state-of-the-art speech technology and the available knowledge on Human-Human and Human-Machine communication. For several years, we have been doing research in this area, both at the application and basic research levels. Our long term goal is the development of robust, useful and easy to use Human-Machine Interaction using speech and language.

Talk will include:

- Some background on Human-Human interaction, language, speech and motivations;

- Information on why and how to interact with machines by voice;

- Present and past work in the area at University of Aveiro, focusing on the presentation of the spoken language interface developed for assistant robots (Carl and Cambada@home) and ongoing work on multimodal interaction;

- Identification of challenges.