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João M. O. S. Rodrigues


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Position Aux. professor
Affiliation DETI / University of Aveiro
Group Information Systems and Processing
Status Researcher with PhD
Country Portugal
Former PhD students
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Courses Fundamentos de Programação, Programação 1, Programação 2
Past projects CAMBADA, CLA: Training Health Professionals to use Computerised Lung Auscultation, DNA symmetry, NeuroPath, Pervasive Tourism, RSAT: Respiratory Sound Assessment Toolkit, SAICT, Sounds4Health, TO2
Events HCist 2015, ICASSP 2011, PACBB 2014
Proposals DigitalStethoscope, FilmScanner
ORCID 0000-0001-9187-8094
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ORCID: 0000-0001-9187-8094

CiênciaID: 6B1E-7520-BD18

ResearcherID: G-4821-2011

Scopus Author IDs: 57220791360 (Previously: 35194550700. Scopus is quite volatile!)

Google Scholar: PIPNkZIAAAAJ



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Project Title Reference Funded by Funding Starts Ends
TO2 TO2 - Postos de medição sem contacto de saturação de oxigénio e temperatura ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação 476565476,565 ,92 24590941 September 2020 245948830 September 2021
CLA: Training Health Professionals to use Computerised Lung Auscultation Formar Profissionais de Saúde para o Uso da Auscultação Pulmonar Computorizada-Training Health Professionals to use Computerised Lung Auscultation FCG/136395 Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 3803638,036 €52,489.68 USD 24569021 September 2014 245763231 August 2016
CAMBADA CAMBADA UA, DETI, IEETA 104000104,000 €143,520 USD 24548331 January 2009 245738831 December 2015
RSAT: Respiratory Sound Assessment Toolkit RSAT: Respiratory Sound Assessment Toolkit - A Auscultação do Futuro 18/ID/2014 FCT 25302,530 €3,491.4 USD 24569321 October 2014 245714330 April 2015
DNA symmetry DNA symmetry: modeling, influential words and outliers EXPL/MAT-STA/1674/2013 FCT 2186921,869 €30,179.22 USD 24567181 March 2014 245708228 February 2015
NeuroPath New Strategies Applied to Neuropathological Disorders CENTRO-07-ST24-FEDER-002034 QREN Mais Centro 24563251 February 2013 245702331 December 2014
SAICT SAICT - Sistema de Apoio a Infra-estruturas Científicas e Tecnológicas Centro-01-CT62-FEDER-002010 QREN Mais Centro 31491803,149,180 €4,345,868.4 USD 24555631 January 2011 245665831 December 2013
Sounds4Health Rehabilitating and home-monitoring people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and their families during long term therapy 13638 ADI 407680407,680 €562,598.4 USD 24555321 December 2010 245662730 November 2013
Pervasive Tourism PERVASIVE TOURISM - A computação ubíqua, as tecnologias pervasivas e as aplicações contextualizadoas ao serviço do turismo 11507 AdI - Agência de Inovação S.A. 284407284,407 €392,481.66 USD 24551371 November 2009 245623231 October 2012