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José Horácio Fradique Duarte


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Subject Representation of Spatiotemporal Phenomena in Databases using Continuous Models of Space and Time
Advisor José Moreira, Paulo Dias
Group Information Systems and Processing
Status PhD student
Starts 2018/06/01
Ends 2022/05/31
Country Portugal
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There is an emergence of a growing number of applications and services based on spatiotemporal data, in the most diverse areas of knowledge and human activity. The representation of the evolution of deformable moving objects, i.e. objects whose position, shape and extent change continuously over time, is particularly challenging, the methods proposed in the literature do not always obtain a realistic representation of the actual evolution of the phenomena, the quality of the representation is measured (evaluated) visually, and the prediction of future evolutions is not considered. In this research project, alternative methods capable of obtaining a realistic representation of the evolution of deformable moving objects will be studied, data models defining the necessary data structures will be proposed, algorithms for spatiotemporal operations will be studied and developed, and the results obtained will be evaluated. An effort will be made to establish quality metrics and a benchmark. Initially, shape morphing techniques will be studied, and only simple geometries will be considered. Finding methods which complement the methods proposed in the literature, the development of algorithms without the restriction that moving segments are not allowed to rotate, and the establishment of quality metrics, are potential contributions of this research project.


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