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José M. N. Vieira


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Position Aux. professor
Affiliation DETI / University of Aveiro
Group Information Systems and Processing
Status Researcher with PhD
Country Portugal
Former PhD students Daniel Albuquerque, Eduardo Bolas, José Pedro Mateiro Matias Borrego, Rui Fiel Cordeiro, Isabel Duarte, Sérgio Lopes, Daniel Malafaia
Former masters students Show list
Projects Paterson
Past projects BLDCMotorController, CAMBADA, CAMBADA-FCT, CReATION, Cloud Thinking, CodeStream, LocalizaçãoIndoor, Pervasive Tourism, RETIOT, SAICT, TACCS, Wind and Biodiversity
Events 9th IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, ICASSP 2009, ICASSP 2011, IPIN2011, PECCS 2011, SPAWC2011, WCECS 2012, WCICA 2010
Proposals BolsaWindAndBiodiversity
ORCID 0000-0002-4356-4522
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