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Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities


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Country England

About the journal

The Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, is an international, peer-reviewed journal which draws together findings derived from original applied research in intellectual disabilities. The journal is an important forum for the dissemination of ideas to promote valued lifestyles for people with intellectual disabilities. It reports on research from the UK and overseas by authors from all relevant professional disciplines. It is aimed at an international, multi-disciplinary readership. The topics it covers include community living, quality of life, challenging behaviour, communication, sexuality, medication, ageing, supported employment, family issues, mental health, physical health, autism, economic issues, social networks, staff stress, staff training, epidemiology and service provision. Theoretical papers are also considered provided the implications for therapeutic action or enhancing quality of life are clear. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are welcomed. All original and review articles continue to undergo a rigorous, peer-refereeing process.


Impact factor

The impact factor of Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities is as follows:

Year Impact
2014 1.137
2012 1.098
2011 1.385